Saturday, 17 January 2015

Manor farm Leisure

Peg 21 Middle Pool
3rd on lake...... only 6 on the lake.
12 fished
No good again!!!

With Ian Giddens drawing peg 6 on Island Pool, we were all thought we would be fishing for second place. 

Andy Taylor caught 3 fish (2 F1's and 1 carp) before I had my first bite, which was a F1. He was unlucky, as he got beat for 4oz for top spot! Andy weighed 47lb to win lake easily and Steve partington won the match with 47lb 4oz.

Caught all my F1's on the lead (6 of them)  4 skimmers on the pole (3 blades and 1lb 8oz).   I fancied a few fish on the pole, especially as the wind was off my back!? But nothing.

Not sure on what else I could of done.   Andy Taylor caught on pole and lead with bread!   I just sat there like a muppet! No change there!!!

Need to draw better, hope I'm on a few tomorrow!!??

Gear used

Colmic Airon F44 pole.
0.4 Jonny Walker pellet
0.135 Colmic Spider line
0.103 Colmic Stream
18 Drennan carp match
Colmic white hollow elastic 1.5mm

Colmic Next Adventure 60 rod
0.20 Method Line
O.188 Spider Line
14 drennan carp feeder

Open Match Results – Saturday 17th January – Island and Middle Pools

1ST                  STEVE PARTINGTON         47-4-0

Arthur’s Angling Supplies Peg 33 Island

2ND                   ANDY TAYLOR                     47-0-0

Mosella Peg 11 Middle

3RD                  STEVE RICH                           30-6-0

Cotswold Angling Peg 31 Island

4TH                   IAN GIDDINS                    27-8-0

Garbolino Bagem Baits Peg 6 Island

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