Sunday, 4 January 2015

Harescombe Fishing

Peg 9 Field lake
67lb 6oz
2nd on lake
2nd overall individually
Won pairs

A bit of a strange match for me, first 6 puts saw me catch 6 carp, which resulted in a few friendly groans. However, it soon went a little tits up, as the fish switched off and struggled to catch.  Caught a few good skimmers on pellets and some roach at 7 meters....

I had 10lb 1oz silvers and 57lb 5oz carp (didn't count about 15).


Mark Malin
Peg 11
2nd on lake
60lb 10oz

Mark Malin caught 8 carp and F1's in the first 45 minutes on bread.  Then fished pellets long and maggots short.