Sunday, 5 March 2017

Redhill Fishery

Peg 19 Molly's
9lb 8oz.
8 pairs

My second visit to Redhill Fishery, had a good day on Penny's on Wednesdays open and learnt fair amount from the friendly locals.
Today's match for me was Molly's and was told to be looking for F1's and small carp.  I decided to go straight down the edge for a lucky carp and hooked one straight away and pulled really hard to get  it out, a good rest for the new Colmic Thor, as always Colmic poles are solid, a real carp pole.   Unfortunately the carp come off, I think it was foul hooked and played it for a good five mintues.  When down again and had one 2lb. Then bumped a small F1.   So rested it and caught nothing long in open water.... lake was fishing hard.  
So went down edge again and caught 1lb carp and then hooked a three pounder and it got caught in the reeds.  Nightmare and float was connected to reeds and 0.152 Spider Line was still on fish. Put my landing net pole onto my 3rd section on my Colmic Thor and had 13 meters landing net pole... I couldn't scoop the fish.    Had no option but pull for a break... lucky enough the fish swam off and my rig was trashed and the same with swim.  Never caught down the edge again (well pricked one at death on proper gear).  Frustrating day.  Lost 4 proper carp down the edge, all pulled out. 


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