Thursday, 23 March 2017


Peg 7
44lb 10oz
10 fished

My second visit to Alvechurch fisheries, learnt a few things from last week, as I made quite a few mistakes. 

I was simply going to fish maggots and fishery pellet mirco pellets.  I know the edges are important and need to be selective with your maggots as there is a 3 pint limit and I planned to fish maggots everywhere in the peg.

Tackle used

Colmic Airon F66 Pole.

Edge rig
0.2 Colmic Sky float
0135 Colmic Spider Line
0.115 Colmic Stream
18 WN501 hook

Long maggot line
1.8mm Colmic Hollow elastic
4x14 Colmic Po float
0.135 Colmic Spider Line
0.103 Colmic Stream
18 WN501 hook.

Back there again Saturday.

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