Sunday, 12 March 2017

Manor Farm leisure

Peg 32 Island Pool
No good
21 fished

I had a bad day.  Drew peg 32 Island Pool.  Can be a good F1 area, but weathers changed and the fish were likely to follow the wind....  which they did.  Had a frustrating day, had 18 F1's and 1 small carp for 43lb.  However lost eight fish, all hook pulls, not all foul hooked.  Should of easily won section.... "bad angling".  Should of fished a tidy pole match, as the peg was worth 70lb all day long.   
Anyway made my day when Liam Dennick won the match with 150lb.

Venue fished quite well.  See the weights below.
I can honestly see the venue record going this year.  The venue is awesome.