Saturday, 24 December 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 6 Island ( can't believe I've drawn it again)
1st Place
Won match
9 fished the match

Strange how fishing goes, especially match fishing as you have to draw your peg and therefore relies on a lot of luck and the moment I seem to be having a bit, as I find myself on Peg 6 Island.  This is the "best peg in Europe"......  I only said this statement in a bit of "tongue and cheek", but it seems to of stuck and every time anyone draws it there is a lot banter thrown your way, especially when I draw it.  So I have added some unwanted pressure on myself to do well.

The match started really slow and was wondering if Facebook was going to explode tonight with comments of me blowing out, especially as I post ALL my results, but thank god that the peg came alive on pole, and had a steady run on the pole.  All F1's and one carp.  Weighed 77lb to win the fishing match.

How I would approach the F1's at Manor is to fish as light as possible on the "hard pellet" rigs.  4mm coppins pellets, with a 20 hook and 0.09 Colmic Stream as a hook length and important of 1.5 mm hollow elastic as its soft but capable of landing BIG fish and most important thing is not to loose any fish, even netting range, as they swim back into shoal and spook the rest of the shoal.  Bad news.

Gear used

Colmic Airon F66 Pole
1.5mm Colmic Hollow
Jon Walker Pellet
0.135 Colmic F1 Spider
0.09 Colmic Stream
20 Drennan Carp match.


Liam Dennick is on fire at the moment.

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