Sunday, 18 December 2016

Harescombe Fishery

Peg 24 match lake.
9lb 10oz
No good
28 fished

I was hoping to draw Field Lake, as this lake is more my style of fishing, however drew Match Lake and right in the corner, peg 24.   This was going to be feast of famine and to make matters worse I draw next to Liam Dennick, so he wasn't going to let any feeding fish pass him, which he didn't.  I really struggled and only managed 4 fish in the first 40 mintues and never caught anything afterwards.  Well, that's not strictly true as I caught some tiny skimmers.  

I never seem to do well on The Match Lake, but I look forward to the pairs match at Harescombe.  Can I win it with Mark Malin three years on the bounce??

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