Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hillview Fishery

Peg 38
53lb 8oz
No good
6 fished

Had a bit of a mare to begin with, hooked two carp and lost both of them!!!  One I came back with a length of line and shot, and the other was foul hooked and came back with a scale.  Then had 4 in a row on popped up bread..... then nothing.  So on the pole and all I could catch was brown goldfish, I was going nowhere, especially as they were catching F1's to my left. 

Shaun Gould started slow and then started caught F1's steady on the pole and maggots.  For a 99lb, impressive weight.  Second place was close bewteen Steve Rich (66lb 8) and Arthur Hicks (65lb). Steve had two late BIG carp just enough to beat Arthur by 1lb 8oz.
Me, 8 carp, 2 F1's and tiny but beautiful goldfish on the pole for a disappointing 53lb.  But everyone caught and had an enjoyable day (which is the most important thing).

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