Saturday, 31 December 2016

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 26 Windmill
2nd overall
24 fished

The beauty of Manor Farm Leisure is we normally get lots of room and Dave (owner) try's to peg the good pegs and therefore you almost guaranteed a days fishing.  Like today, 24 anglers fishing and it's put on 4 lakes.  I was lucky and drew peg 26 windmill, however it's not my first choice of pegs, but Chris Cameron won the lake on Thursday...... So was hopefully.  BUT Liam Dennick was on peg 22 and Jason Morris on Peg 29, so had two great anglers either side.
I started on the bread, two 10mm discs and this resulted in two dog roach, but Jason Morris had 2 F1's and 1 carp in four chucks.  Not looking good for me.   Some shipped out the Colmic Airon F66 pole, at 17. 5 meters, and rattled a few micros and the float disappeared to my relief and caught a stocky F1 about 1lb and then caught three before bumping one, as you have to pull quite hard to get them out and 0.08 Stream is immensely strong on balanced gear.....  Unfortunately this ruined the swim.  So fished out on the pinging line and no bites and the other line.  No bites... Jason was whopping my ass and on the phone to Liam and he had 10 fish!!!
So went back onto the 17.5 meter line and resulted in 7lb common carp, on 0.08.  Was lucky as it shot out into open water, so game on.  Swapped between lines, to keep fish coming, tough but enjoyable.  Also I never got broke up today on these light lines, if you fished the Colmic hollow 1.5mm elastic to 0.09 or 0.08 Colmic Stream your know what I mean..... Look at our results, Liam Dennick has framed his last 7 matches, 5 seconds and 2 wins.  Me and Frank Donachie ain't done too bad ourselves.  Results do the talking.

Was pleased to come second overall and Liam winning again.

One thing I would to add, that we have been using the Colmic Airon F66 for over month and its true all round pole.  So strong, wouldn't be scared to fish it for 98% of my fishing.  So catching 20lb on Windmill Lake or fishing it at Rolfs lake no problem.  When it's windy, I can out fish my neighbours as they can't lean into the wind, whereas they can't as they risk snapping their poles (which already seen).

Gear Used
1.5mm Colmic Hollow Elastic
Colmic BIG float 0.3 gram
0.135 Colmic F1 Spider line
0.09 Colmic Stream
20 Drennan carp match hook.
Island Rig
0.2 Gram Colmic Mike float
0.11 Colmic F1 Spider Line
0.08 Colmic Spider Line
20 Colmic WN501 hook

Happy new year

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