Friday, 30 December 2016

Bread with the Lead

Bomb and bread fishing. 

As the weather gets colder and the water temperature drops and the lake gets clear. My go to method is the bread. For those crafty fish that dont want to feed and are just sat dormant this is a brilliant way of catching them. 

A good starting point I have found is a 50cm hooklength. Of 0.15 Colmic F1 Spider line. To a 16 Guru QM1. 
Depending on the size of the lake and how much room I have i tend to start in front of me and around half way out.   I think its really important to watch the rod tip though, if your getting liners and indications its a good clue youve got fish in the area and my next move would depend on the liners im getting. 

I think bomb and bread fishing is very similiar to dobbing on a snake lake, just because you havent caught in the one area theres no reason why you wont catch in another area. Searching for the fish is key as in winter you have to go to the fish... they wont come to you. 
Once ive had a few casts around and maybe catch one I normally hook a fish and clip up where I have hooked it and find a far bank marker where it landed. This allows me to cast straight back on the spot as I could had potentially found a littlw group of fish.  Don't get me wrong you may only catch odd fish but normally where theres one theres more!

Reading bites on the bread is definitely very key. Knowing whats a liner and whats a bite can be difficult but that comes with experience once you get bites and learn to read them.   A big percentage of your bites on bread are drop backs.   What's happened here is the fish have picked up your hook bait and swam towards you. This is why I always fish a slight bend in my rod when its on the rest to see for those drop back bites but also any little indiaction I get is going to get registered on the rod tip. 

The set up:
My number once choice for this type of fishing is the Colmic Next Adventure 45 rod in 11ft. Coupled with a 300 zartan reel. 11 ft Ive found is perfect but I can comfortably chuck a lead a long way but when playing fish under the rod tip they dont top to far out. 
Also these rods are a nice through action, with no flat spots. The last thing I want to do is pull out of a fish at the net and it go back and spook the shoal. 
My mainline is 0.20 Colmic method line. This line is really durable and sinks fast so once my lead has landed I can sink my line ensuring im fishing straight away as some bites can come instantly and if your struggling to sink your line you could miss out on some bites. 

I tend to start on a 0.15 F1 Spider hook length at 50cm like i mentioned incase there are any carp in the area but dont get me wrong, this is great if your on fish but I wont be afraid to fish a lighter hooklength if im catching F1s as I think you just get a few more bites. 
50cm is a good starting length of hook length but its not always the best. I tend shorten it to start with as sometimes

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