Friday, 30 September 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 13
12 Fished the match

I haven't been to Ivy House Lakes for two weeks, so was looking forward to it.

Drawing peg 13 was a good area, so again happy with draw.

Paste is my number one bait at the moment, only concern that the water temperature is dropping and therefore it may not work???   The wheels really fell off today and I had loads of room as Alan went home.  I had unbelievable start, 3 carp in twenty mintues for 20lb, a fantastic start, then 6 lost carp after in 4.5 hours, just pulled out??!!  Only lost one two weeks ago and six this week.   I ended up with 7 carp for 59lb and two of them were stockies!!!  Another day I could of been lucky, one more fish would of got me first place.  But I didn't, so end of.  Most anglers suffered lost fish today.

Well done to Jon Walker!!  Great performance off that peg...

Weights were tight.  Anyone's match and the silvers were even tighter.
Me 67

Colmic F1 Spider Line