Saturday, 17 September 2016

Ivy House Lakes - Match Lakes

  • Peg 2
  • 101lb
  • 1st overall
  • 13 fished the match

With the wind sort of blowing into peg 20 I fancied to catch some carp from my draw today, especially peg 1 out, this gave a long edge to fish too, a big advantage.  I do love Ivy House, as I feel the match lake is really fair ( as I said before) and not brothered where I drawn. My preferred area is peg 13, 14, 15 and 4, 5 and maybe 6, as you have a really strong chance of framing and winning the silvers as well!!

At the moment paste is my number one bait, love it, and I'm a little rusty at fishing this method, learning things I had forgotten as I used to be paste mad!!! The beauty of this bait is its so cheap and better than cutting up "3kg of worms" (really?).   The issue with paste fishing is getting the size of hook bait, consistency correct (putty texture normally), rig (long stable, long cane bristle and light float) and feeding.  Feeding is the most important apect of fishing, and normally I go with " if in doubt go without" I.e don't feed.  I've found dumping loads of bait is not the right approach with Ivy House Lakes, loads of people suffer with foul hooking and loosing fish (me today, I only lost two carp!!) and not a horror show of loosing loads or more than I got in.  I've been experimenting with feeding and size of pellets and this has made a massive impact of fishing.  The last four matches has seen me win the match lake all four times, including this one with 100lb or more, and won silvers twice.  These are pegs 13, 15, 6 and 2, one of the matches was only three hours, so I think I've got my feeding right.
The fish were big today, had three double figure carp, 10lb 4oz Ghost Carp and two big mirrors.

Gear used 
(What I say is what I really use)

Colmic 7401 pole
2.3 mm Hollow elastic
0.3 Jon Walker paste diamond
0.152 F1 Spider Line straight through to size 12 Drennan Carp Match

3mm hollow elastic
0.2 Colmic Mike
0.168 F1 Spider Line straight through to 16 Drennan Carp Match.

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