Sunday, 2 October 2016

Radcot and Lechlade - Round 1 of Angling Trust Winter League

Peg C6
11lb 15oz
Won match
Team won
48 fished the match

Its funny, I said to Jon Walker yesterday that I would love to draw end peg at Lechlade by the pub and what do I go and do?  Draw the best peg on the river.... no pressure then.

I kitted up a mountain of gear.... and it was an organised chaos.   Paz said to target perch, music to my ears from arguably the best angler on the Upper Thames.   However, the match started so slow, was worried as a good 45 mintues had gone and I was worried as the 6 meter, 14 meter and 14.5 meter chop line was unproductive with you 3 bleak.  I was lucky as I had a run on the chop and had 12 perch on the bounce.  This was a good run, Bob Davis come up and advise me that my 5lb was good in my section ( 1 hour 30 mintues in).

The match was tough, I caught best on a Colmic Stream 1 gram, 0.152 F1 Spider, 0.09 stream with Hayubussa 128 size 18 hook and various sizes of worm.  Positive rig wasn't too great.   I had 5 bonus perch, biggest about a pound and really disappointed to only catch 5 roach.

Team wise we won it on the day.  Gordon League lost on section wins count back, 3 - 2

Peg by peg