Thursday, 21 April 2016

White Acres - Bait Tech.

Day One

Peg 39 Trewaters
No good
3 points

Day Two

Peg 3 Acron
Second in section


Day Three

Peg 17 Bolingey
5 points
No good

Day Four

Peg 32
29lb 12oz
3 points
No good


Day Five

Peg 18 Trelawney
No good

3 points day one
7 points day two
5 points day three
3 points day four
6 points day five

21 points total dropping three and a wooden spoon.
300lb of fish.


Lessons learnt.

Meat.... Sizes is so important and unfortunately I didn't know what to take.  I can't give you advise you on something I don't known.   Feeding seems to be little and oftened.  Casters or hemp with meat is a good shout too.

Meat feeder needs to go through a maggot riddle, and is bulk out with crushed hemp?

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