Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Lindholme Lakes - Fish O Mania

Peg 5 Strip
3rd on Lake (20 on Lake)
2nd in ten peg
297 anglers fished.

Always going to be tough to compete against the corner legs, especially as they also ad an empty peg, to give them more room.  I understand the logic. 24 pegs, hosting 20 anglers.  If I pegged, I'd honestly do the same.

On arrive to the peg, it looked motionless!  Bright sun, flat, not a breath of wind and freezing this morning.  Texted Ben Frisk, and advised it "wasn't clever".  Guy on pet 6 decided not to fish, so gave me and Andy Berry a little more room.

The match started alright, had an F1 after 5 mintues pinging 4mm pellets reasonably aggressive, trying to draw the silly/ stupid fish....  Didn't happen really, caught a few early and a few at 2pm and last hour was dire.  A bit gutted really.  Oh well BONSAI tomorrow!!

Gear used

Colmic F44 Pole
Yellow 2.1 hollow
0.135 spider line 0.10 stream
0.2 Colmic Mike float.
20 Drennan carp match hook

Banded 4mm pellet 

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