Saturday, 9 April 2016

Manor Farm Lesiure

Peg 14
3rd overall
18 fished

Peg 14 island is a great peg, especially with the next peg been peg 6, so have loads of water to go for.  The reason they leave so much room is because the feeder chuck is tight.  So the beauty of Manor is Dave (the owner) tries to give you as much room as possible.  So 18 anglers is spread over two lakes.  Middle Pool and Island pool.

If me, I feel this is a good feeder peg at the moment.  So kitted up a couple of pellet feeder rods, but to be mindful to chuck it short for F1's and carp tight.  Loose feed the bomb line with 6mm coppins pellets and fish the pole at 14 meters and the edge to peg 13.

The match started slowly for me and Alan Smith on peg 16.  I had a tiny F1 first chuck and sat watching peg 6 island catch well on the bomb about 20 meters.  So decided to chuck it 3/4 quarters for a bitelsss ten minutes.  Then chucked it about 3 meters off island and started to catch.  One thing I will mention is that I had no liners!!   I caught a couple of carp, up to 8lb.  Alan on peg 16 was catching F1's on bomb.

The pole line was awful, no bites. So decided to ping the bomb line proper after two hours.  

At one clock I had a steady run of fish on pellet feeder 3 meters off island and had a couple of fish on pole.  Dropped on lead and caught some F1's.  So decided to alter between bomb and pellet feeder.  This was best, was hopefull on pole, but wasn't as "solid" as I'd hoped for.


Should of won the match, but the top 6 would be all saying the same thing.  I should of fished, bomb, waggler and pellet feeder.  Simple.  Should of realised quicker that fish weren't tight against the island.

Gear used


90, 12 foot, 0.20 feeder pro with my Colmic Zartan Reel.

45 11 foot, 0.18 feeder pro and 300 Zartan Reel.


Colmic Airon F44 Pole.
Pink 1.8mm, 0.152 to 0.125 stream.  0.3 Colmic Mike float.  18 Drennan Carp match and a lasso.

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