Sunday, 3 April 2016

Alders Farm Round 2 of spring league

Peg 19
38lb 6oz
Won section
8 anglers in a section
24 fished
Unfortunately I missed the first round of Alders Farm spring league due to work commitments (joys of two jobs).  I was told and saw the results from two weeks ago I was told it fished really hard.  Liam Dennick said that was no fish moving two weeks ago and today there were fish moving around and blowing, so was hopeful for a few bites. 
Ricky Quick said he draw my peg two weeks ago and only had 4 fish, so must of be mega tough!! So we will see.... 
I was sure what to start on, so started on the pole and didn't have a bite for 15 mintues, so chucked the waggler, which I have been pinging 6 mm pellets from the off and was rewarded in a 2lb stunning Common Carp and no bites?  So chucked the pellet feeder, and it went round with a 6oz common carp.  Looking around, it was a struggle for most, they were catching on the early pegs and my team mate Glen Picton.
If am honest, which I am, I couldn't figure out how to catch, so chopped and changed to catch 15 carp for 38lb.
Team wise we were third on the day with 16 points and 17 won!!
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