Thursday, 14 April 2016

Lindholme Lakes - Open match

Peg 14 Loco
3rd overall
28 fished

I was looking forward to today's match at Lindholme as Thurdays open match is normally on Bonsia which is worth a few bites.  However when driving down the track, it was full of anglers (private match). O well, so we were on Williows, and then Neil (owner) decided to put Loco as 28 anglers turned up.

Drew peg 14 Loco, which meant nothing to me.  Was told to fish for F1's on pellets long shallow and ping pellets.  Awesome, sounds like Island Pool at Manor Farm Leisure.  However a hour into the match it looked bleak, I only caught 3 small F1's on maggots over micro down the edge.  There was quite a few pike down the edge, which I guess was spawning?

So decided to fish 14.5 meters of my trustee Colmic F44 pole, and fish worms and casters.  Tossed potted some minced worms and casters, and saw a pike roll over the line and the float flew under and thought here we go, but turned out to be 3lb F1!!!  Pike rolled again on my line and yet was catching F1's...... just shows they swim together???  After 20 mintues of catching 4 F1's, I finally hooked a pike, which was 7lb, but pulled out at netting range.  Not sure if they count?

I couldn't figure it out.  I didn't know how much to feed down the edge.  Full toss pot seemed better, got a response.  But wouldn't last and had unproductive other lines, couldn't fish to the left, as massive tree in the way.  Long in open water was unproductive, even after relentless feeding ALL match, only had one small F1.

Frustrating day.  Lack of knowledge on water, left me short.  Came third overall, but felt should of won.

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