Thursday, 1 October 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 42
50lb 12oz
Won section (only a two peg section)
5th overall
13 fished

For once I actually arrived early to Manor Farm Leisure, there at 8.50, rather than 9.23 (9.30 draws).  Therefore me and Travelling partner (Mark) drove around lake to see a lot of fish blowing on peg 32 about 20 meters out.

I would always favour drawing in the wind, even with it been an easterly wind.  Is it the old saying " when the wind blows East the fish bite least"?   

I draw peg 42, which I've never drawn before, but had a lovely edge peg, but had my reservations about it, despite Mark saying it will be solid.

I set up my trustee Colmic F44 pole and fished 14.5 meters in the wind, with no problems in 15mph winds.   The match was slow and ended up with around 30 stock F1's and a couple of small skimmers for 50lb 12oz.  I.felt the peg was wotlrth more!  Likely to go Saturday and put my wrongs right?!
Caught lack of carp, thought I may struggle in the corner, despite wind blowing into it.  Was hoping it would be full of carp!!! I only caught this beauty after the match.

Well done to Barry Duggan for winning!!