Sunday, 31 August 2014

Turner 400

  • C20. ( Clainfield)
  • 10lb 8oz
  • 3rd in section (18 in a section)
  • Team was third overall

I wanted to be at Clainfield, and was lucky enough to be right down the bottom, end peg, which is long straight, which is normally full of little roach, but today was a struggle for roach and only caught a few in last part of the match. Caught on chop at 14 meters down the peg.

Roach were hard to come by!

The Thames is full of little Dace and Chublets!!!

Oh and a pike (Don't count, so put it back)

2lb perch got the heart going..... especially when there was 10 meters of elastic out!!!

  • Towner 14lb (2nd in Section)
  • Tom Hobbs 7lb (7th in section)
  • myself 10lb 8oz (3rd in section)
  • Mick Denton 5lb 3oz (13th in section)

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