Sunday, 3 August 2014

Oxford Summer league (Round 4)

  • C2
  • 10lb 2oz
  • Section Win
  • Sections of 6
  • 36 fished the match

I haven't fished a river for almost a year, so i was and still a bit apprehensive about it all, as I felt wasn't prepared!

I've been told that the river is fishing really well and Folly is the place to be. So I drew Medly at Black Jacks. Paz advised it could be tough.

Carrying 2 ton of gear about a mile wasn't too fun!  A few issues on the way with peoples trolley's and as we all carry way too much gear! 

Had an enjoyable day, I had 6lb of perch on Lob Worms and 4 lb of hemp roach in the last 1 hour 30 mins. Lots 2 to pike. Missed too many bites. Should of had more.

Gear used

Pole used Colmic Airon F55

Hemp/Maggot rigs

Vespe 3 soild elastic. 

Colmic Lux Floats 1gram and 0.5

0.135mm Spider Line
0.08 Stream 
18 N957

Choppy Rig

Colmic Hollow 2.3.

1gram Stream Float
0.185mm X5000
0.125 Stream
N600 14 hooks

Only caught on hemp in the last 1 hour 30 mintues.

A lovely days fishing in the end, just struggled in the middle of the match.  VERY rusty, haven't fished Medley for a couple of years.

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