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Peg by peg analysis at Ivy House Big Lake

Ivy House Fishing Lakes
Callow Hill
SN15 4JU

Andy: 07977 093170

The beauty of Big lake at Ivy House Lakes is there's
Loads of skimmers

Neil Richards with this stunning 10lb Grass Carp (there's bigger)

18lb 5oz Mirror Carp (again theres bigger 20lbers)

Also the New Canal is full of tiny Tench and Stockie Carp (with some munters)

Jon Walker with 18lber and 14lb 10oz Ghost Carp

Mark Malin with 17lb common.

PEG by peg analysis

Peg 1

Good margin peg, a little channel, the fish do go up, not sure why?  Long margin is better normally, and look to catch big fish late on down the edge.  Plum around to look for deeper parts of the swim.

The peg is slightly shallower than to the right.  Great summer peg, especially when the wind blows into the corner. 

Peg 2

If peg 1 isn't in, they you will have a strong edge peg.  I would fish to peg 1 plaform, its about 18 inches to 2 foot depending on water levels

Peg 3

In the winter, the stockies can shoal up here and around the area.  Peg 4 does stick out a little further, so at a slight disadvantage when fishing of the pole, and peg five sticks even further out again.

Peg 4

My first visit in years saw me break the match record, this was old peg 12.  Andy has changed the pegging and got rid of the reeds and the old platforms!

Anyway peg four is a good consistent area. I drew it twice in the festival and caught down the edge towards peg 5.  You have 18 inches down the edge and it plumps up well.

The shelf is about 8 meters where it goes into the deeper water.  This can be productive as big fish sit there late.  In the height of the summer, it could be worth fishing closer late, but to be honest hopefully your be catching units down the edge.

Peg 5

Some really big fish seem to come to the right, where it shelves off to 2.2 foot.  I had 7 carp for 79lb and Jon Walker had 9 carp for 90lb!  There arte some big fish, so would suggest fishing 0.188 Colmic Spider Line straight through.  I also would fish this with heavy but soft hollow elastic.  Like Colmic Orange 3.00mm or Vespe 2.85, use a puller and take your time.

Peg 6

Normally have an empty peg to your left, catch well to the left long or short by the tree stump.

Peg 7

In a corner.  Most of the time it isn't pegged.

Peg 8

A nice peg.

Peg 9

Peg 10

Peg 11

Peg 12

Peg 13

Peg 14

Peg 15

Peg 16

In a little bay, deepest part of the lake, 6 foot.  Normally a good skimmer area, and nice edges.  the margins are deeper to your right.  Careful of the snags to your right.

Peg 17

Peg 18

Peg 19

Peg 20

Peg 21

Peg 22

Peg 23

Good skimmer area normally.

Peg 24

Peg 25

I was lucky, drew this peg twice in the summer and won both times.

Both times I caught to my right hand side edge and skimmers in open water.

Peg 26

Peg 27

A great edge peg.  there is a stump at 13 meters, which is 4 foot deep.  The carp just seem to live here, lots of Stockie carp live under the causeway as its so under cut.   You tend to catch bigger fish, fishing to left margin where its 18 inches deep.  (This is only guide, don't email me when you catch all munters to the right)

You can catching skimmers in open water, but to be honest a would say that pegs to your left are better for skimmers (peg 23, 24, 25).

(Peg 28)

A peg is rarely used............  Would be a great draw, as you have great edges left and right.

Peg 29

A GREAT peg, again like peg 27 but seems to frame more that peg 27 looking at all the results.  I yet to draw it!

Peg 30

Peg 31

This can be a tougher area, can be a good skimmer area, but have to fish long for them normally, pegs to your right tend to be better for skimmers.  However, fish have fins and they do swim.

Fishing to the platform to peg 30 is about 3 foot. 

Peg 32

Peg 33

Peg 34

Peg 35

Peg 36

Peg 37

A good skimmer area normally. 

Peg 38

Peg 39

Peg 40

Peg 41

A good area.

Peg 42

Peg 43

Deep edge pegs, especially to your right.  You do need some tough gear, as Mark Malin will time you tell.  I would fish solid elastic and fish a minimum of 0.20.   We would use Colmic Spider Line, as its very tough line.

Peg 44

Peg 45

Peg 46

Peg 47

Cracking edge peg.  need to fish it long, 16 meters as its 10 inches deeper.  Happy days.

Out infront it is shallower, so a summer peg normally, could struggle in the winter??

Peg 48
Flyer. Never drew it, but a great area.  Catch well down the edges and out.  Best of both worlds

I hope the review of Ivy House Lakes helps you on your visit on the BIG lake?
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