Sunday, 10 August 2014

Abingdon - open.

Peg 39
12lb 11oz
Section win
7th overall
48 fished

I've only ever fished Abingdon once before, and that was a devaster, i got battered either side. 
I drew peg 39, which i was told it is a good chop worm peg for perch and there is some proper BIG perch!

Abingdon is a famous for it's big bags of roach, and everybody thought that 20lb of red fins was going to win, but it wasn't the case today, as the river fished really tough! Didn't help with heavy rain and gale force winds!!

I had a cracking 2 hours on chop, and had 3lb 4oz perch. A bit slow in figuring out to catch these roach again!!

see link
Gear Used:

Choppy Rig

3 gram Colmic Stream Float.
0.185 x5000 line
0.145 Stream
Size 12 N600 hook.

Roach Rig

1gram / 2gram / 3 gram Colmic Stream Float
0.145 X5000 Line
0.08 Stream
16 / 18 N957 Hooks

Lux 0.5 gram for hemp. 

Top 5

1st - Colin Perry - 15lb 12oz.
2nd Kevin Holmes  - 14lb 14oz.
3rd Alex Graham - 14lb 8oz.
4th Mark Harrington - 13lb 15oz.
5th Mark Taylor - 13lb 5oz.

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