Thursday, 11 July 2013

Rolf's Lake

  • Peg 18
  • 54lb
  • last
  • 22 anglers fished
I drew peg 18, end peg with the wind blowing in that direction, I was pleased with my draw. however after only 1 carp in the first 1 hour things weren't looking good, as I was suffering with missed bites and odd lost foul hooker, but Andy next was having a nightmare, loosing fish and missed bites.
I decided to fish paste, to hopefully get better bites ( a big visual bait and heavy bait), as the fish blowing in peg is a problem and I feed 6mm had pellet, with a 0.6 gram Jon Walker float. I normally like to fish "the wetter the better" paste, but stiffer paste seems to be more positive and overcomes the small fish attacking it.

My match didn't go according to plan,  nothing worked with paste. started new lines, but had the same issue with bites. In reflection I should of fished 8mm hard pellet.... this could be more productive, as the shipping to rebait wasted a lot of time. softer elastic would help land the foul hooker's, but  have to consider other anglers, as you don't want 25 meters of elastic out!!
Andy had lost 30 foul hooked fish next to me and I lost 15 fish and 6 in the last 10 minutes by feeding nothing, yet still foul hooked! I hoped that I would catch well in the last hour, which normally happens at Rolfs Lake, but not today for me.

Andy had 102lb and to my disappointing 54lb. well done Andy, you beat me again!

Paul Jay won the match with 260lb (peg 7).

1stPaul Jay7252-10Rolfslake
2ndMicheal Corsini4161-03Rolfslake
3edNick Williams3571-01Jinx League
4thColin Plant3854-05Rolfslake
5thBob Plant535-14Rolfslake
6thEddie Taylor-Green4022-13Rolfslake
7thJohn Emmerson210-00Rolfslake
Section B.
1stMick Chappel9126-13Rolfslake
2ndPete Archer32125-06Vespe
3rdPete Arnold28109-14Rolfslake
4thMick Jones8108-05Rolfslake
5thJohn Draper3170-11Rolfslake
6thJohn C1328-12Rolfslake
7thKevan Orr29DNWRolfslake

Section C.

1stMat Edwards22128-14Miracle Baits
2ndAndy Quarmby17102-01Middy
3rdRichard Fowley2669-02Rolfslake
4thChris Telling1854-02Colmic
5thJohn Bennett2441-00Rolfslake
6thPaul Corsini1026-08Rolfslake
7thMick Maguare15DNWRolfslake
8thJustin Watkins14DNWRolfslake

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