Sunday, 7 July 2013

Manor Farm Leisure - Island Pool

  • Peg 10
  • 86lb
  • Section win
  • 33 fished
With 33 on the lake it is going to be a little tight in places, not been spoilt with room like usual, but your still need 100lb plus to win todays fishing match and 80lbs to win your 6 peg section which is worth £48! Which is worth having.
I drew peg 10 which is a no chuck rule therefore the only item that come out of the bag was my Airon F55 pole.  With the wind off my back, I felt that it was going to be in a very tough area.  I set my stall just to take it steady and try and win my section, as I felt that I wouldn't stand a chance of winning the match, unless something silly happened or I was really lucky?!
Fair play, Neil won it again and caught really well down the edge with groundbait and corn!

My 86lb was around 10th. so fished well in this heat, as most people caught 60lb plus.

Wish I had a few more of these!!

The New Ringers Pellet Pumps are worth looking at..... VERY strong

Open Match Results – Sunday 7th July – Island Pool

1ST                   NEIL MCKINNON              171-0-0
Preston Innovations Peg 37
2ND                   ROB MCKENZIE                132-4-0
Glos Angling Centre Peg 7
3RD                   MARK HEMMING                 113-10-0
Lodge Park Peg 24
4TH                    JASON WELLINGTON         104-0-0
Permalli  Peg 5
5TH                   JOHN NEWTON                   94-6-0
Smithys Peg 28
6TH                   STEVE EVANS                       92-8-0
Babcocks Peg 36
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