Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Manor Farm Leisure - Island

  • Peg 38
  • 186lb 12oz
  • 2nd
  • Won section
  • 14 fished
Wish I had a few more of there carp top boost my weight.

I was first in the draw bag, as no one wanted to go, and draw peg 38, which was a little disappointing as the wind wasn't blowing into it. was concerned that I wouldn't catch enough to get into the main frame.

I planned to fish:
  • Long pole.
  • Pellet waggler (using my new Colmic professional 25) and bomb over the top.
  • Margins with groundbait and corn
I chucked the bomb for 10 min's without any  indications, so on the pole, tapping, but it was slow and looking around and  people were catching, after 20 long mins I started to catch. odd carp, but mainly f1's.
As the fishing match progressed all i could catch was f1's, no carp's which was a concern.  I caught a few carp, but I feel the few that were there just seemed to drift away.   I had a lot of quiet spells, which has cost me a massive weight, as they wouldn't stay and therefore chased them out on the waggler.  I did caught a few fish down the edge, tench, skimmer and a common carp, so was unproductive.
It fished really well, considering it was 30.0c fair play and very little wind.  Fordy had 200lb mainly down the edge and another 4 ton weights as well. Also the weights are from all over the lake and not a pocket of fish. I was pleased with my 186lb with conditions as they were. I fished 6mm coarse pellets

1ST                   STEVE FORD              200-8-0
Daiwa/Old Ghost Peg 12
2ND                   CHRIS TELLING                    186-12-0
Colmic Peg 38
3RD                   SHAUN LITTLE                    157-0-0
Map Marukyu Peg 8
4TH                   JOHN CLEGG                       135-0-0
Browning West Mids Peg 26
5TH                   MARK PARSONS                  133-2-0
Alcester Sports Peg 18
6TH                   DANNY ADEY                      109-0-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 14


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