Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ridgeway Fishery

  • Peg 9 Green
  • 257lb 8oz
  • 1st place
  • 23 anglers fished the match

Ridgeway fished well today, with 3 200lb+ weights and a lot of weights over the ton mark.

Fed everything via a catapult...... keep feeding even when playing fish

You do need to pull hard at times, as I was fishing right in the trees.......

After last weeks disaster at Ridgeway, I was looking forward to putting a lot of my wrongs right today. All I hoped is that I would have a decent draw, so was reasonably pleased with Green 9. Mick Lane was on Blue 18, which was golden peg (worth £150), he was the hot favourite to win, there was also another 2 golden pegs also in, but they were less favourable.
Ridgeway can switch off in the middle of the match, and as a lot of carp lakes it can be case of making the most of this time and therefore. Had a couple of positive rigs made up and planned to get these carp out in double quick time.
I planned to fish 18 meters to island, feeding 6mm coarse pellets and fishing 8mm or 6mm banded pellet on the hook. I armed my Colmic Airon F55 pole with:
  • 3.5mm Colmic Hollow, with 0.25 Colmic x5000 line and 0.20 Colmic Stream and Drennan Carp Feeder 16

  • 2.8mm Vespe Bi Core, with 0.20 Colmic x5000 line and 0.185 Colmic Stream and Drennan Carp feeder 18
Floats were both 0.20gram Colmic
Then had up a 4 up in the water rigs for a float and 6 inches. All on 0.18 to 0.165 hooklengths . All Jon Walker floats. 0.1gram floats.
Paste at 5 meters with 0.20 straight through with a size 12 Drennan Carp feeder hook.
Finally had a couple of down the edge rigs, a 0.4gram Jon Walker float. A heavy float to give stability once loads of fish are present down the edge ( didn't happen).
A fished long all match and caught steady, caught 3lbers to 6 lbers, mainly smaller ones, so had plenty of bites and the last hour was solid.
I was pleased to get into the Final, which is on 12 October.

Frank won his section on the Blues with 157lb (only a small part of his catch)

Chris Davies had 242lb, so it was close
Top 4
Chris Telling 257lb 8oz (Peg 9 Green)
Chris Davies 242lb 4oz (Peg 2 Whites)
Mick Lane 211lb (Peg 18 Blue)

Ryan Shipp 191lb 6oz (14 white)

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