Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Rolfs Lake

  • Peg 14
  • 173lb
  • 2nd
  • 13 fished
  • 61lb skimmers and 112lb of carp (14 carp in total)
With flat calm conditions again, this was going to be a difficult fishing match. This was my 4th visit, and the conditions were the same each time.  Nice weather, but not nice for fishing....
Drawing peg 14 wasn't the best of draws, so was a little disappointed, as i wanted to be in the little lake,  as this seems to be the most consistent area at the moment. However, I had some room, which always is going to work in your favour, just like end pegs as you have more room to draw the fish from.
I was hoping to catch a few early carp on paste, then fish pea sizes of paste for bream when these slow down, which gives you the best of both worlds, as you can skimmers around 2lb - 3lb mark and hopefully the odd carp chucked in.
I did have a good spell with 4 decent carp in as many drops, so 38lb in 10 minutes, this was good, but the next 40 minutes saw me hook 6 carp and loose all 6! Even started a new line in hope to get better bites, which didn't work.   The issue with Rolf's is that it is silty and therefore when you have these feeding beasts in your swim, they will churn up the bottom, which does sometimes result in the worse liners ever! No proper bites.
I would suggest to keep pluming up and be geared up to move swims, as you can get sucked into staying on an unproductive line, hooking carp up the ass isn't the way forward.
I had a enjoyable but very frustrating match, i was lucky that i had hooked 6 carp and landed 4 in last 15 mins, which just beat Paul Jay.

Fish trying to get under the platforms can be an nightmare when playing them, I find it's best to stand up as you normally scares them away.......

My biggest fish of the night, 12lb 4oz common carp.  

Mark Newbold

61lb of silvers, still need another 49lb to reach a ton, so way off my target.

Paul Jay with 30lb of silvers to go with his 139lb of carp

Top 3

Mark Newbold 193lb (Peg 9)
Myself 173lb  (Peg 14)
Paul Jay 169lb (Peg 30)

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