Sunday, 22 April 2018

Lindholme fishery

Peg 9 Beeches
Won lake (10 on lake)
60 fished match

Nice to fish another 60 pegger, and fair play to the fishery they spread us around the complex.  30 on Bennies, 10 Beeches, 10 Laurels and 10 Bonsai.

A struggle for most of the match.... caught a few in last two hours for 139lb down the edge on maggots and EFG151 groundbait.

Nice day in the end, but no good in the overall standings.  But won my lake.

20 carp for 139lb

Lovely looking lake.

All weights on my lake
Top 4 weights are unreal.

1st 283lb
2nd 252lb
3rd 230lb
4th 200lb

Wish me luck for the commercial nationals next week.

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