Sunday, 29 April 2018

Kennet and Avon canal- Teams of 4

Teams of 4 on the K&A. 

108 people fishing

Lie in this morning, left at 6.30am. 

From a pure selfish point of view i wanted to draw Farmers.... but drew Brimslde, however draw the end peg.  So can't complain, not that i do anyway. (Yes Martyn Howard an end peg).

After first round of the canal league I needed a boost, so glad I drew a flyer, BUT more importantly we had an alright draw on paper, but mega, but Robbie was in Farmers and not Wootton Rivers, Paz and Graham was ok where they draw.... just needed some luck with these skimmers.

Lines of attack

  • Bread at 5 meters.... even though at draw i said it wouldnt be needed.

  • 9 meters squatt line. Cupping in damp groundbait with squatts and deas pinkies in hope to catch skimmers

  • Chop lines, as it was so clear, so decided to feet chop in 3 foot of water up the shelf.

  • Loose feeding casters to reeds (lack of and lack of depth, water level was down)

I had a hybrid first chuck on bread, than took me all over the canal, was concerned it was a Tench and was going to break me, was shocked at 10oz..... this was only bite on the line.  Went up the shelf and caught 15 quick tiny roach, and had a quick look for skimmer, glad i did.I caught 4 skimmers in first hour on chop and 1 in last hour and roughly 80 roach in the middle.

Rigs used
Chopworm rig
0.3 gram Jon Walker float
0.14 to 0.09 hooklength.
19 Hayabusa 128

Squatt rig
4x10 and 4x12 Colmic Senna
0.10 to 0.06
24 IM1 hook

Weighed 10lb 10oz to just win my section, cane 4th overall.  Won £140..... that will cover my fuel bill this weekend

Marukyu Fine Dark Canal

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