Saturday, 30 September 2017

Manor Farm Leisure- Windmill Pool

Peg 26
11 fished

I haven't been to Manor Farm Leisure for a while whatever reason..... I'm very spoilt on the venues in my area.

However, really looking forward to fishing it, as I do enjoyou Middle and Windmill lakes, more pool fishing.  Also the Donachies were going, added bonus.

Drew peg 26 Windmill, which wouldn't be my first choice of pegs, but a good peg none the less, worse pegs on the lake.  So happy days.  My section was tough, the two Donachies, Ian McCulloch and Steve Partington.

All I kit up was the pole and planned to fish 4mm pellets and maggots down the edge for units, as there is quite a few of them, but peg 26 ain't the best edge peg, as you can only fish short and ideally wanna get away from you, especially as the water is quite clear and low.

Won't go into detail, as I caught long to the island on pellets.  Fished a float (Martyn Howard) until it become solid and was on the "tap" rig.  Caught all stock F1's... Nice day, but couldn't catch bonus fish down the edge, couple of fish come in, but only managed one F1 and couple perch.

Neil McKinnon caught well down the edge for the match win.  All weights are below.

Caught 99% of my F1's long to island.  F66 Airon pole was awesome in the wind.  #nobrokenpoles 

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