Saturday, 16 September 2017

Alders Farm Fishery

Peg 2 Pines
2nd in section
3rd on lake.
Team 7th

The second year of Joseph James Law match, which is a fantastic event and very well run again.  Unfortunately team wise, we Colmic, had a tough draw on Ash Lake and Speimen Lake, but Pines me and Jamie had a fair chance.  I was on peg 2, which I wasn't over keen on, as I felt the pegs to my left were going to much more productive, especially peg 5 (my favourite peg) as this seems to hold a lot of fish no matter what the conditions.  It has a sunken island, so good waggler and feeder peg if the pole doesn't produce.

The Match

I started short, 5 meters hoping for a couple of cheeky fish..... err that didn't happen, and looking to my right all I could see was elastic out....   therefore, had no option to go long, and lost my first two, so come shallow, and caught a few on the drop.  Was too scared to get the slapping rig, as the water is quite clear.  And remember messing a match up, trying to be greedy.

I was a little disappointed that I missed out on the section by 5lb, felt I was miles behind..... BUT was lucky to beat Pete Archer by a 1lb.  However, the team struggled.  So hopefully third time lucky??

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