Saturday, 23 September 2017

Heronbrook Fisheries

Peg 8 Match Lake
3rd overall
40 fished

Up really early to get to Heronbrook, this going to be the last time this year.  So hoped to end on a high and draw a "bung hole billy" peg.

I drew peg 8 on Match Lake, which is a good area?

The match

Struggled on feeder, lost two.  Gutted.  Went short the pole and only had 1 F1.  Gosh, not the start I wanted? 35 mintues in and only 1 fish, not good.

I have been pinging 4mm pellets on the long pole and went 14.5 meters and caught well for an hour and then it got difficult, as it did for must people....

A little concerned I didn't have a productive line, I chucked the feeder to right and resulted in three hooked carp and two in the net and one hook pulled (cost me second overall).   

Hoping to catch some big carp down the edge, which didn't happen until  last hour I caught some units down the edge, one about 17lb, then 15lber and a 10lber, no problem for the Airon F66 (no broken sections.....)

I do love the Marukyu EFG151 and I've fished 4 matches at Heronbrook with EFG151 this year and had two match wins, section win, and second on the lake.

Colmic Airon F66 Pole.

A close match.

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