Sunday, 13 November 2016

Kennet and Avon Canal - Marlborough

Peg A2
5lb 10oz
Won section
51 anglers fished the match

A2 at Wolfhall was somewhere i didn't wanna be and with 2 end pegs in section in was always going to be tough.  As Ditch was on one and my old team caption Mark Tresure was on the other, two good anglers to complete against.

I was lucky as I had two early perch on lob worms and then a further two more on the squatt line, forgot how strong 0.06 Stream is, especially as perch snagged me in the middle of the canal!!! For once luck was on my side and I pulled it out.  Gave it a kiss when I netted it.  Sorry. Had to be done.  To my surprise I won the section.  Team mates done well, 1st, 2nd and 5th overall.

I don't wanna write to much as we have the winter league next week.  So when the last two rounds have finish.  I will give everything away.....