Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Colmic invited us to their annual visit to see the new products for 2017, we were eager to see the new F66 pole.  So Thursday morning I was a up at 3.50am and on the road at 4.20am for a long drive to Stanstead Airport.  Got to Italy and was greeted by Francesco (our boss) and he took us straight to restaurant for some food, music to my ears, food is always fantastic!!!

We arrived at the factory and we were all very eager to see the Colmic Airon F66 pole.  Andrea the owner, showed us the new pole and the new EC200 Top kits.  Wow.  Unbelievable stiff and a slow tamper, therefore your elastic inside your pole will work probably and not stick to the side walls.  Andrea Collini had hold of the tip section and was waving the whole of the top kit around.  It was scary.  See Richard Chave's video below.

I've seen quite a few people break their top kits whilst playing fish over the years, as they are bent at alarming rate with thick hollows.  These super stiff top kits allow your elastic to work properly and not stick to the side walls.   Colmic already have had a few super stiff top kits already, like PK55 and PK60 which has allowed me to use heavy gear with confidence and catch some pretty big fish and massive match weights!!  The new EC200 are even better.

Colmic Airon F66 pole.

The Colmic Airon poles were a great success for Colmic and they had 0.056% return rate on broken sections and the Colmic Airon F44 had a zero return rate!!!  Therefore Colmic are so confident that the Airon F66 is going to be so good, Colmic are giving the Colmic Airon F66 pole a two year warranty and also giving twenty year spares guarantee too!!  To enhance this great product Colmic are going to supply a few different packages.

16 meter Pole only

16 meter package
8 x Top 2 EC200
1 force 3rd section
1 cupping kit
1 rod bag
3 dolly butts

Unique package