Sunday, 20 November 2016

Angling Trust Winter league

Peg B6
7lb 14oz
Won section
Third in match
48 anglers fished the match

I have been lucky at a K&A at Marlborough, and had some success over the years and hoped it would continue?  I didn't have the best of draws last week at Wolfhall, are section was one of the toughest on the match length and 4lb weights on the end pegs and then 1lb weights in the middle of the 6 peg section made it difficult, I was lucky to catch four perch for 3lb and then caught some small roach to boost my weight to 5lb 10oz to win the section and be the highest weight at Wolfhall.  So happy days.   The team done well last week too, Adam won the match and Aid was second overall.  So great result team wise, but was only an open match..... have we used up all our luck?

Today's match

Lucky enough we didn't, I won my section off a dolly peg and came third overall.  This means we are winning the league by 3 points.  Happy days.

Gear used

Colmic Airon F44 pole.

Colmic Senna Floats
4x8, 4x10 and 4x12
0.11 F1 Spider Line and 0.06 Colmic Stream hook length to 24 and 26 Image IM1's
Vespe Solid two elastic

Colmic Lux

4x12 and 4x14
0.1p1 F1 Spider Line and 0.06 hook length and 22 Colmic 22 B2000 hook
Colmic Damper 0.8 elastic

Jon Walker "Chop" float
0.3 gram
0.135 Spider Line to a 0.10 stream hook length with a 14 Colmic N600 hook
Colmic hollow elastic, 1.5mm

Bait used

1/4 int white squatt
1/4 pinkies
1/4 caster
70 lobs
500 grams of Sensas Noire