Thursday, 24 November 2016

Angling Trust Winter League

Peg C1 (end peg with an empty)
4lb 4oz
Second in section
47 fished the match

The final round of the Angling Trust Winter league saw me draw spot on??!!  End peg, game on and C2 not drawn.  More importantly pressure is off a little as we have qualified for the final no mater what happens today, however, the boys are up for a battle and wanna win the league out right. 

For me, I want to win the individual title of the winter league, so I was keen on doing that.  So hoped for some luck with the lob worms.  As this has saw me catch the last two fishing matches and hoped that I wouldn't be third time unlucky.  No matter what happens I have enjoyed this league and forgotten how much I enjoy this kind of fishing, the matches never seem to drag on, as your constantly thinking how you can catch fish.  The down side on this winter league is the hassle of boats and walkers, I fully appreciate he River and Canal is something that we can ALL enjoy, but we people are unreal and don't have consideration for other people.  Finally carrying your gear to your peg, maybe I've got lazy or carry too much?  I'll let you decided......

Really disappointed as I came second off a framing peg?  Never caught on lobs or anything over it.  A bit gutted, couldn't line up roach.  I think the pike didn't help.  Even though I didn't get any strikes.  Hooked three got one out, about 4lb, lost a 8lber hooked in the side and pulled out of one.  All on my squatt line, 0.064 Colmic Stream is unbelievable strong!!! 

Gear used

Colmic Airon F44

Colmic Senna is my number one float for Squatt fishing in two foot of water....


Team won on the day with 39 points, and won the league with 11 points.
Individually I won the league with 30 points.

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