Friday, 14 October 2016

Alders Farm Fishery - Joseph James Law

Peg 25 Pines
40lb 14oz
5th in my 12 peg section
60 people fished the match

I drew peg 25 Pines which was a little concerning, and hoped to catch early and late, and unfortunately either happened!!  I felt that everything I tried to do, was unproductive and got that sinking feeling very quickly,  I wish I fished a blinkered match and fished negative pellet match with micros and lasso pellet.  But that was difficult as anglers on pegs 2 and 3 were catching shallow and that didn't happen.  I guess I was a due a bad result from Pines as last years winter league was a bit too kind!!

The Colmic boys done well in my opinion, and we were a couple of points off third place.  Frank was awesome, as always, and to come fourth off peg 7 is very good as to beat pegs 1, 2 and 3 was almost impossible.  
Gary had the shallowest peg on the complex and a little cut off, but hey we try the rough with smooth. 24 Anglers on the lake, we didn't have the room to spread people out.  Also he still weighed 103lb
Glen, can't comment about his peg, as never fished it and never fished the specimen lake in a match.
Liam, had a real slow start and done well to pull it back a bit
Me.... Well, in reflection I could of had maybe 60lb to 70lb but got it wrong on the day.

Team Performance

Frank Donachie A section, Peg 7 Pool, 19  9 points.
Gary Donachie B section, Peg 25 Ash Pool, 103lb 5 points (we 
Glen Picton C section, Peg 5, 35lb, 11 points
Liam Dennick D section, Peg 6 Pines Lake, 61lb, 8 points
Myself E Section, Peg 25 Pines Lake, 40lb 14oz, 8 points

41 points we think??  We were 5th overall.  I was more interested in the food, than the results!!! 😜

Top teams were

Drennan 53 points
Garbolino 51 points
Preston 44 points

Special thank you to Joseph James Law.

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