Sunday, 23 October 2016

Angling Trust Winter League. Round 3. Bristol Avon - Chippenham

6lb 2oz
Third in section
48 fished the match

Round 3 of Angling Trust Winter League on Bristol Avon.  Drew peg C1, was concerned as Neil Richards had it last week and struggled.  To add salt to the wound, my peg was covered in leaves. And I do me covered. This was a nightmare.  Could lay the rig correctly and it was like pellet fishing, big heavy float and lowering it slowly.  Not ideal for roach in 10 foot of water.

Trashed 3 rigs, broke a top 1 section ( yep it's true I finally broke a section off my Colmic F44 pole, oak tree was a bit tough), up the tree three times with waggler and caught about 60 leaves.  Last two hours was unbelievable hard, no bites.

I ended up with 6lb 2oz and third section.  I had about 50 small roach, 10 perch, 2 bleak and 3 tiny dace.  Not sure how I could of caught double figures.  

DGL won with 32 points and there were 4 teams on 29 points, including ourselves. On count back it looks like we were 4th on the day.

Peg by peg

Individual league