Thursday, 13 October 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - Boundary Pool

Peg 8 Boundary Pool
Second overall
10 fished

After a busy few weeks of work, it was nice to fish a mid week open.  Was undecided where to go, so decided to go to Manor Farm Leisure. 

Boundary is a great lake, as when the float goes under you don't know what it could be.... anything from a beautiful ghost carp to small skimmer. 

For me I was going to keep it simple and fish the pole and pellets and the bomb.  Simples.  4mm pellets on pole and 8mm pellets on the lead.  The wind was really awarked and did hinder presentation.  The peg came good in the last 40 mintues, which was a little to late for me to pull it back, and Stich had beat me by 10lb...

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