Sunday, 13 December 2015

Alders Farm Fishery - Round 6

Peg 5 Pines
1st Section
1st overall
35 anglers fished the match.
Team 3rd on the day
2nd overall in league.

I had about 50 carp, which ranged from 1lb to 4lb.  Average is about 2lb!!

Colmic lads didn't have the best of draws to be honest.  I not one for blaming external factors, as it's too easy to blame the peg and then wheel spin out of the car park at the end?!  Anyway, our draw on the final round of Alders Farm Fishery winter saw us draw pegs 30 and 5 on Ash Pool.  So Frank Donachie went on the shallow peg again, which was going to be potentially very hard (and it was mega tough).  

Glen Picton was a peg 5 on Ash, which better area, but not the best of pegs in that section.   Glen the feeder pro, unfortunately struggled on the feeder and caught mainly on the pole.  

Liam went on peg 31, despite me encouraging him to go on peg 5.    Liam caught 14 carp on the pole with pellets.  Poor guy has had two visits and has fished the same corner of Pines Lake.

Me, I had the best peg out of the bunch and caught on the waggler and the pole.  Had a really nice day.

My results.

I fished on Pines every round.

I was lucky enough to have three lake wins, which was two overall match wins, second in section, a fourth and sixth in section.  Learnt a fair bit.  So all in the memory bank.

I was lucky, drew peg 5 three times, and messed it up on the first round.

Peg 5, 1st  115lb 4oz
Peg 5, 1st  115lb 3oz
Peg 17 4th.  18lb 7oz
Peg 15 6th. 32lb
Peg 8, 1st. 113lb 1 oz
Peg 5, 2nd. 100lb 2oz

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