Sunday, 29 November 2015

Alders Farm Fishery - Round Five

Peg 5 Pines
Won section
1st place overall
28 fished

The match

The lads opted for me to go on peg 5 on Pines Lake, which is one of the best pegs on the lake.  Unfortunately Liam was on Peg 1 Pines, which was a VERY poor draw, as your cut off by the pegs on dam wall.  So I suggest to Liam, to fish a tidy pellet match in open water and maggots and micros down the edge, long!!!

The wind was horrendous, I tried to fish it 13 meters of my Colmic Airon F44 and did manage to catch 7 carp, but presentation was nightmare and the guy to my left was sacking on a pellet feeder and my bomb and corn or boilie wasn't right.  So changed to a pellet feeder and 20 yards after a hour do thirty minutes and it transformed my peg, my Next Adventure 45 rod was getting ripped in!!!  I had a steady flow of fish and was pleased to win the section, as I felt I wasted my first hour and thirty minutes!!! 

My hat blew off three times, in the lake twice!!!

Alders Farm is a beautiful venue.

Liam Dennick a star of the future for sure

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