Sunday, 15 November 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

Peg 22 Windmill
Only 5 fished

With the Winter League on the other lakes and the British weather at it's normal self, unfortunately this match was always going to small.  We had wind gusts of excess of 40mph, I was confident enough to fish with my Colmic Airon F44 in the wind and used it at 13 meters.  It was tough at times to hold still, but used a 2 foot line between Jon Walker Pellet float and pole tip, to allow a bit of play from the wind.

The tow was a problem, with me only 30 yards away from the end of Windmill Lake, the tow was very strong to the right and this was going to be a potential issue with foul hooking fish when tying to present bait.   Therefore my floats were slightly bigger and very stable.

I honestly couldn't figure it out.  The fish wouldn't settle in the 10 foot of water, and couldn't catch shallow, only had two roach and two small F1's at three foot.   I caught five small carp, about 30 F1's, two skimmers and a few roach.  Nice days fishing.  I do enjoy Windmill Pool.

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