Thursday, 19 November 2015

Manor Farm Leisure

32 Boundary Pool
2nd overall
Won section
16 anglers fished the match
Manor Farm's F1 carp are stunning
 I for once choose the right day to come fishing, as yesterday was horrendous weather, today was just wet!!   We have day a lot of cold rain the last few days, so was concerned that it would fish hard and it saw did!  The first three hours saw me with 4lb to 5lb, thought I was going to get some MEGA stick on Facebook for drawing a flyer and not catching!!!  However, lucky enough fish switched on in the last 2 hours, especially the last thirty minutes as everybody was catching.

I fished 4mm pellet to a Jon Walker pellet float, 0.135 F1 Spider Line (main line), 0.10 Colmic Stream (hooklength), 18 Colmic 501 hook with 1.5mm Colmic Hollow.

I had maybe 4lb tops at 1.30pm and lucky enough a few fish switched on.  Last 30 minutes saw me catch 7 decent F1's.

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