Monday, 2 November 2015

Alders Farm Fishery

Peg 15 Pines
4 points out of 9
Team is third overall in league

A bit rough today, drew the shallowest part of the lake, and the deepest part was 4 foot.  Bright sunshine, i was going to be trouble.  I caught first forty minutes, 4 carp and a tench and then the last 30 minutes which was 2 carp.  It was proper grim.

I fished:.

Colmic Airon F44 pole
Colmic 2.5mm Hollow elastic
Colmic Spider Line 0.152 to 0.125 stream and banded pellet.
18 Drennan carp match hook.  Mirco band.
0.1 gram Jon Walker pellet diamond.

Frank Donachie won his section

Glen Picton was third in his section.

Antony had to go home.

So we had 20 points on the day, which was a great result considering our draw and only three anglers fishing.  Well done to Team Colmic, we are still third overall in the league with three move rounds to go.