Monday, 1 June 2015

Ivy House Lakes - Summer festival

Day 1
2nd in section

Andy set a new record of 395lb 12oz

Day 2

Peg 19
94lb 10oz
Won match
Won silvers too

Day three

Peg 2
Won silvers
3rd in section.

My heart stopped when I drew peg 2, as this was going to be a mega tough.  Peg 2 has been good at Ivy House Lakes a few weeks ago, the place to be, but the wind off my back and no ripple down the edge, I'm in trouble.  Gary Etheridge on peg 9, Andy Llyod on peg 6 and Magoo on peg 41 I'm going to be trouble.  

And sure enough I was, I couldn't catch down the edge or at 6 meters.  All I could catch on was skimmers on my worm mix.  I had frustrating day and magoo's last minute carp cost me a point.

Day 4

Peg 43
Won silvers
Third in section

Congratulations to Mick Lane for winning with 4 points. Great result.

Special thanks to Andy and Karen for running the festival.  Next one is October.