Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Fish O Mania - Woodlands View

Peg 50 Back Deans
19lb 2oz
Second in a ten peg section (21lb won it)

It was always going to be a tough day today with every peg in, (eight yard pegging).  Like alot of Fish O Mania matches you hope to get some room or a feature!!  Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky.  I caught in the first 40 minutes in the last 20 minutes.   I had 5 small carp and lost one in neighbours swim,  a carp swim 6 yards into his swim, despite saying "sorry mate, fish coming through" he struck it off.  On well, another 4 hours later the same again, got tangled, but got it free, but then the fish came off anyway.... I just laughed. To add salt to the wound, 21lb won the ten peg section and I had 19lb, and third was 18lb.  Our end of the lake was really tough, but there were some fish caught further up, a couple of 90lb weights.  I believe 160lb odd won it, by John Havery.    Congratulations to him for winning and I will see him there in the Fish O Mania final with Frank Donachie.  Fingers crossed for Frank, let's hope for some luck in the final.