Monday, 15 June 2015

Colmic CK - 5000

The New Colmic CK - 5000 is a pole that I got excited about, it comes with a nice rod bag, a spare power kit (hyper kit 2.95 meters long), a dolly butt and a £300 price tag?! Unbelievable value at 11.5 meters.  

Let's start with the negatives:
It doesn't come with a cupping kit.
The pole is slightly heavier than some of its rivals.
But these negatives can easily be turned around, a cupping kit can be purchased separately, it will cost you about £40 with cups.  This would be a good quality carbon!
Weight, there is a dolly butt which will counter balance your pole, this fits into the last two sections, this also will help to protect your investment.
The pole is very responsive, even at 11.5 meters, its does loose a slight bit of responsiveness, but nothing to worry about.  10 meters and less is easily manageable.
The hyper kit comes with reinforcements at the bottom of the female section, this means very hard wearing and will last.  I know, as I used my HM40 kits for almost three years every week!! Enough said....  There is reinforcement on the bottom of each section, so your sections won't go soft.
Top kits are long, and will be long enough for 90% of commercial fisheries. 2.95 meters long.  Also very little cutting back to fit the largest of bushes, therefore your pole stays at 11.5 meters!!!
The pole has a lovely smooth finish, not rough, glides through your hands easily.
Strength, well I can see why this pole can catch big specimen fish.  With weight, comes strength and longer wearing poles!
If you know me, then your know that I'm not afraid to fish really heavy and pull a bit, hopefully the pictures prove this.  I was pleased to fish with the pole at Ivy House Lakes, and I was lucky enough to catch quite a few fish on it and managed to catch I few proper angry carp.  One common carp 12lb, mirror carp of 15lb, and endless about of 4lb to 8lb carp. The pole managed with ease, even holding the pole up in the air at full length with an angry carp trying to get round the back of the island.  Many poles wouldn't cope with that, I know cause I've seen poles break over this weekend on these fish. 
I will take the pole to Rolf's Lake and South Cerney lakes for further testing.
If your on the hunt for a power pole, then I would strongly advise you to have a look!

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