Monday, 27 April 2015

Milo Festival - Whiteacees

Peg 11 Bolingey
No good.
Third in sectiom
9 section

With my lack of knowledge of the venue and how it has been fishing proved to be costly today.  The weights as always are tight, and my disappointing weight left me a one fish short of a few points.  I lost my way at the half way stage, and took the wrong baits, as my two untis of meat should of been six mms pellets.

Day Two

Peg19 polly 
7th in section I think 
No good.

I had two proper mirror carp sitting it out long on meat, and a fish on worms and casters, F1 on method feeder.   Last forty mintues I sat it out at five meters on meat and unfortunately lost a big ghost carp foul at netting range, not that it mattered.

Day three

Peg 31 Twin Oaks 
No good again!

Day four
Peg 53 Trewaters 

My swinging rig was prefect presentation at times, but couldn't catch frequently enough, and got a little inpatient, had fish swirling down the edge after 20 minutes and after 1.5 hours and 2 and 3 carps coming in but was unable to catch them, even fishing lighter rigs, lighter lines, done slope, half depth.  VERY FRUSTRATING.

I was too aggressive down the edge with groundbait and dead maggots and got sucked into the edge, whereby I couldn't catch them.  I should of dripped in meat.... Or fished sloppy groundbait with caster.   Never mind.  Also next year.

Day Five
Cheltenham hospital 

Unfortunately my dad has been very ill and has took a turn for the worse.

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