Friday, 19 January 2018

Manor Farm Leisure- Thursday affordable

Peg 26 Windmill Pool
1st place
6 fished the match

Thursday affordable open  and drew peg 26 Windmill Pool.   Unfortunately only 6 braved the weather, so nice and friendly match.  After all the cold weather we have had, a expected it to fish hard..... which it did.

I fished long pole on a 4mm Amino Pellet, simply put a small amount of water to softener them up and I feed and fish them via a lasso.  I find this very effective as you get more bites than a standard "dry hard" pellet.   

Gear used;

Colmic Airon  F66 Pole.
0.2 gram float, with a stung bulk to 0.145 to 0.10mm hook length.

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